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Hot Water in Seaforth

The sound of rushing water greeted Eddie as he got home. He locked his car and walked around the side of the house, following the noise. It didn’t take long to find the water gurgling across the side footpath into the garden, where a fairly substantial puddle was forming. He traced the water back to its source and couldn’t believe his eyes. His hot water tank had burst at the bottom and water was pouring from it. He quickly screwed off the isolation tap top prevent the tank from filling with any more water. There was only one thing he could do now.

Eddie showed his local Seaforth Plumber to the damaged heater on the side of his house. It was definitely look the worse for wear. The water had completely drained from it now, leaving Eddie with a very soggy garden. The Plumber vocalised what Eddie had already assumed. The tank would need to be replaced with a new one. Together they went through pricing options, whether Eddie still wanted the same tank or wanted to try something else, perhaps downgrade as he only had one of his three children still living at home now. After the discussion Eddie confidently asked for the same tank. This one had been very reliable for fifteen years, and just because his two eldest weren’t home now didn’t mean they weren’t likely to visit on the weekend with their own families. The Plumber, not having to drain the tank of water, seeing as it had done it on its own, picked up a new hot water tank from his local supplier. When he returned he disconnected the old tank and moved it to the back of his truck so he could throw it away, saving Eddie from the hassle. The new tank fit easily into place. The connections needed little altering as the Plumber set up the water and gas connections. Once done the Plumber turned the water to the tank back on to let it start filling. He tidied up his worksite, and packed up his tools. The Neighbourhood Plumber advised that if there were any issues with the tank, all Eddie had to do was give him a call and he would come back. Eddie promised to test the tank as soon as it had heated up. The next morning when Eddie had his shower, the water streamed out nice and hot from the shower head. The hot water system was working perfectly.

Has your hot water system started causing problems? A small leak, providing lukewarm water, or a burst tank, your local Seaforth Plumber has both the qualifications and experience to help. Call your Neighbourhood Plumber now on 0411 230 902!

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