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Got a leaking tap? Have it repaired as soon as possible. A leaking tap can waste as much as 2,000 litres per month. Luckily, your Neighbourhood Plumber is just around the corner. At Plumber Seaforth, we will respond to your concerns within an hour anywhere in Seaforth. Our emergency plumbers are highly skilled to deal with various types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Leaks or burst pipes
  • Hot water emergencies
  • Blocked drains

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  • Same day service
  • 1-hour response time, all areas covered
  • We guarantee our work 100%
  • More than 10,000 cases of household emergencies solved each month
  • Our emergency plumbers are available 24/7

Call us now on 0411 230 902 and we guarantee to solve your plumbing emergencies quickly.

Emergency Plumbing in Seaforth

Dinner was sizzling nicely in the oven, throwing splatters of fat against the glass. Anna watched it for a moment, before returning to the bench to cut up the toasted rolls. Sunday Roast was possibly her favourite meal of the week. Crispy potatoes, juicy meat, thick gravy. Yum. The timer went off and she quickly tossed the rolls into their bowl, ditching them for her lamb. It looked perfect. She took it out of the oven and set it on the bench while she called her husband in to carve it. After setting the table she returned to the kitchen and paused. There was a strong whiff of gas. Tim spoke then, distracting her from the smell and drawing her back to the prospect of a delicious meal. When everything was eaten, Anna gathered up the dirty dishes and took them back into the kitchen. Again she could smell gas. She set the dishes down and tried to sniff out the location. When that failed Anna resolved to call a Plumber the next morning. She made sure to crack the kitchen window before she went to bed.

Anna was delighted to find the Seaforth Plumber was able to get there that same morning when she called while having breakfast. Anna had only just finished getting ready when the doorbell rang to announce that the Plumber had arrived. The Neighbourhood Plumber was already carrying his tool kit, ready to fix the problem. Anna showed him to the kitchen where the gas smell was definitely the strongest. The Plumber checked the seals on the gas connections to the stove first, performing a bubble leak test. He ran soapy water over the pipe and quickly found bubbles forming in the middle of the pipe. After closer inspection, the Plumber found a hole had worn in the pipe, causing the strong gas smell. The Plumber got the correct parts out of his truck, before returning to replace the damaged hose. After shutting off the gas, he removed the damaged pipe and replaced it, ensuring all the connections were tight and secure before turning the gas on. The Plumber tested the rest of the gas fixtures in the kitchen, but couldn’t find any other leak. As he packed and cleaned up, he recommended to Anna that if there was still a gas smell he would need to return with a tracer as that meant there was a bigger issue. After a week and a half, Anna called the Neighbourhood Plumber. It wasn’t to say there was a problem though. Quite the opposite. There had been no smell of gas after the room had aired out. The problem was resolved!

If you have a plumbing emergency, contact your local Seaforth Plumber now! Qualified in gas, hot water and blocked drain issues, your Neighbourhood Plumber can help! Call now on 0411 230 902!

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